Welcome to Mule Town Records, let me tell you a little bit about us…


Mule Town Records was established in 2009 with the vision of bringing community together through music.  With each successful release of a unique 7″ vinyl record featuring a traditional A-Side and B-Side,  Mule Town Records was paving the way to help local musicians do what they love!

This passion and drive led to Mule Town Records being asked  to provide entertainment to a long standing tradition of throwing a field party Mule Day weekend; started by a group of friends from Maury County back in the 80’s. As the locations may have changed year to year, the tradition and folks showing you a true “Mule Day Party” did not.

So was born an annual Music Festival known as Mule Day Extravaganza. This festival was focused around the City of Columbia, Tn and the popular Columbia tradition Mule Day (see link below) that attracts over 200,000 people and takes place over a week long period.


Mule Day Extravaganza hosted over a thousand people from all over Middle Tennessee as well as other states; and consisted of many different artists performing, food vendors, and camping.

Mule Town Records also contributed to the Southern Fried Festival which was held on the town’s square.


Mule Town Records was purchased in the fall of 2015 by local musician and entrepreneur William Wiesenauer.

After re-branding Mule Town Records, William spent a lot of time networking, getting to know others in the industry, getting to know and support local artists as well as local businesses, attending shows, and got involved with events in his community all while learning, listening and honing his knowledge for the music business.

William helped develop singer-songwriter events at a few local businesses, joined the Maury County Fair & Exposition Board as a board member and helps direct their Concert Series, and continues to help and be involved within the community.

Today, Mule Town Records is an independent record label located in Middle Tennessee that continues to work with local, regional, & national artists to bring you high quality professional entertainment

We offer more than just access to Columbia’s premier recording studio; we also offer event coordination, artist booking for events, artist management, merchandise, artist support, and community events.

We are artists working for artists; and we understand the business well. We enjoy working hard  and helping you grow!

William Wiesenauer
Owner Mule Town Records, US ARMY Veteran